giovedì 18 maggio 2017

HDADD - Mimesi

“Mimesi” is a collection of live recordings which have been made during a session of 10 days in August 2016: this immersion took place in a improvised studio in the countryside.

Basically this songs are the fruit of an ascetic meditation into a flourishing nature which strongly influenced the mood of the production until this last seems an attempt to imitate the environment itself and the processes that make it so alive: an accidental description of that real world endowed with marvelous aspects.

What came out from this immersive experiment is a reflection: a drawn link between the poise that lies in the geometries of music, and the empiricism of the physical experience of an observer. A metaphor of the hidden processes of life which gently crawl and animate a quiet and pristine place far from the speed of contemporary life.

This compositions aim to connect the science of electronic means with the ideal and eternal models you can find into the details of nature: textures, colors, air and the cycle of creation are blurred into a euphoric sober narrative that points to a magical realism into which  representation, imitation and illusion take life through the sound and its time distortion.

Written and Produced by HDADD
Recorded in August 2016
Mastered at (((QS)))
Original Artwork by QueenSpectra

Premiere by Noisey Vice

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lunedì 15 maggio 2017

HDADD - Mimesi Icastica

"Mimesi Icastica" is the first excerpt from the HDADD new album.

"It is a metaphor about the relationship between sound geometry and nature: a choral game in which individual notes mask one another in a process of imitation, repetition, and concatenation. I wanted to trigger the vital mechanism that creates inflorescences and ramifications on a aural context."
From Noisey Interview Premiere

domenica 14 maggio 2017

venerdì 27 gennaio 2017

HDADD - No Age Music

New HDADD Live Mixtape for Noisey Vice

"No Age Music" is a live mixtape in which I tried to create a circular narrative structure using tracks with different styles, moods and backgrounds: this songs are characterized by strong contents conveyed through intensity and a kinematic breath. 
I wanted the mixtape lived its own life like a soundtrack for the harmonious paradox of the decontextualization ... stolen pieces from a original context, once reassembled, become the scales of a uroboro that rotates endlessly without ever touching its tail. 
A little as the historical cyclicality, beyond our gaze, is punctuated by ancient rhythms, timeless sounds and universal music."

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lunedì 28 novembre 2016

HDADD - Sense of Wonder

"Sense of Wonder" is an imaginary soundtrack made of jazz funk, psychedelic hermetism, electronics and a lot of Soul. But, in this case, it makes no sense to refer to labels when it is the instinctive harmony with which these, and other elements, are made to account for how much heart the "Body of Sound" can get to have 'till it turns into a savage genius.

This time HDADD leads into an utopian place where past and future collapse: an ephemeral experience, like a dream state that lasts the length of the record. A trance inducing attempt to conduct the soul of the listener into a primordial state of virginity, where the wilderness of feelings rules over any rational analysis. Like a sleepwalk into a paradise lost from a long time in the deepest corner of human consciousness.

This record is the Experience under X-rays scan: the soul is now warmed by an electric dawn or an ephemeral and definitive sunset, an enlightment obtained by fixing the heat of the horizon's aurora in a sparse meditation. The astonishment of a visitor who's taking the majestic silk roads that leads into the Artifacts of Heaven.

The listening experience is the artificial heaven itself where symbols, science, technology and soul collide inside the spirit of the whole: like a discovery of a new ecosystem where the elements are choreographed by the harmonic order of chaos which arouse the "Sense of Wonder".
An unabashed track after track makes its way through the branches, stones, water and the clouds of an almighty benign nature, which is bathing in the lights of the past and the future.

This work aims to suspend the reality and scratches the surface that hides the implicit numinous qualities of the listeners until the awake comes leaving them with the archetypical memory of the eternal that lives in every one of us.
Nothing more than a Spiritual Thing.

Written and Produced by HDADD
Recorded between April 2014 and September 2016
Mastering by HDADD
Original Artwork by QS
Introduction by QS and C.Shephard

Premiere by Noisey Vice

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